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   A lthough many of these early instruments have not survived to modern times. Illustrations by contemporary artists show that the forerunners of the modern violin, such as the lira and viola da braccio, as well as the viol family of bowed instruments, were by and large, fretted instruments.
    Looking from an historical perspective, frets on a violin really shouldn't seem that unusual.
    Traditionally, these early bowed instrument makers would have used a "tied gut" fret. But today, we have access to good quality nickel/silver alloy wire, made especially to fret string instruments. It also has the advantage of coming in a variety of sizes. We recommend a narrow gauge low profile fret wire, which is what we use on all our in-house violins and violas. 
    Once installed, we lower the frets further, to attain a finished profile of approximately "half a millimeter", above the fingerboard. Allowing for a lower and faster action, while reducing the inadvertent pitch bend "sharping", associated with higher frets.
    Most acoustic violins and violas, as well as many of the electric instruments currently available, can be fretted successfully. We don't build the instruments, ...instead we fret existing string instruments, from a variety of manufacturers. We also often accept commission on custom instruments, creating for you the opportunity of building a one-of-a kind fretted violin or viola. 
    We fret all of the members of the violin and viola families, including the fractional sizes. Proper fret placement and great intonation on the finished instrument, are always our highest priorities, regardless the instruments size or value.