Here are some examples of our work. As well as links to various pages that have a picture or short movie.

                   SPLASH PAGES                                    FLASH PAGES
Antonius fretted violin Natural Omebo violin
Black gothic fretted violin 5 string electric violin
Black&White fretted violin Oxford brand violin
Chanot shape fretted viola Omebo violin
Heimer fretted art inlay violin Red violin
Laurel brand fretted violin 24 frets violin
Art inlay fretted violin Oxford violin
Metallic blue fretted violin 12 frets violin
Metallic red fretted violin Viola
24 frets abalone & MOP fretted violin Morelli violin
Old Stradivarius fretted violin Art inlay violin
Omebo brand fretted violin Jurgensmeyer electric violin
Metallic purple fretted violin
Red fretted  violin
Pantonei fretted violin
Oxford fretted violin
Omebo violin 24 frets
Fretted Oxford brand violin
natural finish with MOP fretted violin
Black 5 string electric fretted violin
satin finish Omebo fretted violin
Glaesel V130 with18 frets
Georg Schneider violin 12 frets
Hermet Schartel violin with 24 frets
White Sojing Electric violin
Acoustic~Electric / mechanical tuners
Six String Electric Violin / 6-String
Fretted Metallic White electric violin / Grover tuners




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