Used / Fretted Acoustic Violins    


4/4 Karl Knilling

24 frets on ebony
abalone & mother of pearl
model #329
Wittner style tuners
made in Germany


4/4 Cremona 

12 frets
ebony fingerboard
includes a used bow
anno 2000


16" Viola

beginners model viola
16" back/26.25" overall
18 frets
rosewood fingerboard
abalone shell marker on 12
case and bow


  3/4 Otto Bruckner

19 frets on ebony
abalone shell dot on 12
 used 3/4 bow
made in Markneukirchen Germany
1710 Stradivarius copy
circa 1980's




4/4 Josef Lazar

24 frets on ebony
abalone dot on 12th fret
model 99
made in Romania 2006

(a few dings and chipped varnish)



  It's uncommon to find a used violin that doesn't have some type of cosmetic problem, including dings, scratches, chips, signs of previous repair, ...etc.
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All instruments come with a used case. No other accessories included, unless otherwise stated.
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