New Fretted Acoustic Violins  

All instruments are 4/4 full size, unless otherwise stated.
We also offer new fretted acoustic violins and violas in all the fractional sizes, ...inquire!

Student Fretted Violin package

12 frets, (case, bow and rosin)_$399.

...additional frets_$15. per fret
...mop fret markers_$10. per dot
...abalone shell_$15. per dot


Black Student Acoustic/Electric Violin

12 frets
ebony fingerboard
maple fittings
alloy tailpiece/fine tuners
case, bow and rosin

add additional frets or fret markers


New Student Violin
(antique finish)

12 frets
ebony fingerboard
hardwood fittings
alloy tailpiece with fine tuners
case, bow and accessories

add additional frets or fret markers




Fretted Violin package

  New Student / Ebony fittings / Oblong case  

includes_12 frets
ebony fingerboard & fittings
inlaid purfling
faux figured maple/back & sides
oblong case

fine tuners

add additional frets or fret markers



  New 14" Viola  

includes 12 frets
Ebony fingerboard
inlaid purfling
fine tuners
"equivalent in size to a 4/4 violin with wider ribs", you can string it as a violin, viola or octave violin, 


add additional frets or fret markers



Add additional frets or fret markers, to your order.
You can choose fret marker type, size and placement positions.

Need help placing your order?  Contact us here, or email at 


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