Do you own a violin or viola?... It could be something you acquired years ago intending to play, but it turned out to be a much LARGER endeavor, than you had anticipated... 

What do you do with this stick?.. and, Where are the notes ???...

   Well, we can't help you with the bow. It's an instrument, in itself!

   But, we can help you find the right notes!

   Consider sending your instrument to us!...  We will fret it, and send it back to you, all set up and ready to play!


  Not only are fretted violins great, for easily picking out a tune. They are also a wonderful tool for the violin student, being a visual and physical representation of fingering positions.


... We use a very low profile, narrow gauge fretwire.



Our current charges for this service are:

$15_ per fret  (with a 12 fret minimum) ( 12 X $15 = $180.)

$15_ per  for abalone shell fret markers

$10_ per dot for MOP fret markers (or 5 dots for $40), white mother of pearl dots, available sizes


$100_ service & setup fee  (for removing and reattaching the fingerboard, adjusting the intonation, etc.)

other possible charges might include...  for a new bridge, fingerboard, strings, etc.

contact us  about fretting your violin!




More about Acoustic Fretted Violins


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