It isn't that unusual, is it?... After all, forerunners of the modern violin, such as the lira da braccio and the viol family of bowed instruments, were for the most part, fretted instruments. Traditionally, these instruments would use a (tied gut) fret. On the contrary, we inlay high quality (nickel-silver) fret wire, into the fingerboards of our fretted violins.   

     We offer a variety of different ways to purchase a fretted violin.    A good place to start is with our student violin packages...

   12 frets, complete with a case, bow and rosin, starting at just... $399_

   But you wanted 20 frets! That's OK, you can add additional frets or inlays, to your purchase. Check out the accessories page for prices...




     For something special, consider one of our vintage violins. You can have it fretted (at a discount). Check out our For Sale page for other new and used fretted violins that are ready to play.



     So, if your fiddling has been going to the dogs!...  Don't give up!... try a "Fretted Violin".



                     More about Acoustic Fretted Violins